Shaping distinctive brand identities

Your brand is the cornerstone of your business, defining your essence and distinguishing you from the competition.

A compelling brand kit and visual identity establish a distinct and memorable brand image. Consistent design elements, such as logos and colour schemes, foster recognition and trust. 

We work with you to understand the essence of your brand, and then create a simple kit that captures its spirit and resonates with your audience.

The Studio TOMI Way

Orange rhombus

Logo design

Your logo is the face of your brand/business, and we design logos that are not just visually striking but help shape customer perceptions and memory.

Colour Palettes

Colours evoke emotions and convey messages. We carefully curate colour palettes that resonate with your target audience, ensuring consistency and emotional resonance across all your branding materials.

Typography selection

The right fonts convey your brand’s tone and personality. We select typefaces that harmonise with your brand identity, creating a cohesive visual language that strengthens your message.

Imagery Guidelines

Consistency in imagery style is key to a unified brand identity. We establish guidelines for imagery, ensuring a consistent visual language that reinforces your brand across various platforms.

Brand kit design & development

Price guide

Vibe Architect ~ Brand Kit

basic branding foundations

$ 1,500 inc GST